Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is SAMS?

SAMS stands for Students Academic Management System. It has two components e-Admission & e-Administration. SAMS presently supports online admission for +2, +3, PG, SCERT, Govt. ITIs, Sports education, PDIT and Diploma in Polytechnic. It is an online program used to manage the admission, administration, registration, form fill-up etc. processes of the Higher Secondary Schools of the state.

What is e-Admission?

e-Admission is nothing but online admission carried out in all +2, +3, PG, SCERT, Sports education, PDIT, Diploma in Polytechnic and Government ITIs of Odisha. The detailed process of admission is explained in the Common Prospectus (CP) available separately for applicants.

Where can I see the list of colleges that come under the e-Admission process?

Various information such as name, address, contact details & detailed profile of different HSS/colleges coming under the e-Admission process can be obtained from the website i.e.

How will I know when the forms are available?

The common timeline for e-Admission is published on the website

How can I get an application form from my location?

The Common Application Form (CAF) can be accessed on the website in along with the CP which guides you to apply the CAF correctly.

Do I submit the CAF online only?

You need to apply online through the CAF following the guidelines of the CP, take print copies of the HSS/College/Institute Copy & Applicant Copy and submit at selected HSS during the time of admission along with the photo copies of the documents as mentioned in the CP/Intimation letter.

What is SRC and where can I get the list of SRCs?

An SRC (SAMS Resource Centre) is a HSS/Institution which has dedicated computers with Internet Facility and Helpdesk within the College premises. The Helpdesk is to support students/parents understand the system of e-Admission, apply for admission through CAF and key dates related to e-Admission. Various information such as name, address, contact details & detailed profile of colleges declared as SRC can be obtained from the website

How do I know about the colleges before giving my options?

You can access the Individual College Profiles available on the website and get various details such as streams available, cut-off percentage of last three years, availability of hostel & fees, admission fees, etc.

What is the maximum number of options to fill in a CAF?

For +2 Junior applicants it is ten (10) - For +3 Degree applicants it is twenty (20) - For ITI applicants it is up to maximum combination of ITI + Trade available

How should I choose my option?

An option is a combination of a particular Institutions& Stream/Trade. You should exercise your options in order of preference only i.e. the most preferred option to be opted first.

Will I be selected for multiple options?

No. The selection will be conducted on the basis of merit & reservations. Student will be selected against any one option only.

Then why do I need to apply multiple options in the CAF?

Open and for lower options is closed. For example, if you apply with five options and you get selected against the 3rd option, then your status for 1st & 2nd option is open for the sliding up in subsequent rounds In case of vacancy arises due to non-joining of selected candidates.

Can I go to any SRC for getting my doubts cleared? Who should I contact/meet?

Yes, you can visit any of the nearest SRC to get your doubts cleared. You should contact the ‘Helpdesk-in-Charge’ of the SRC for this.

Where can I see data on seats available of all the colleges?

You can check the vacancy report on the website

How much do I pay while submitting a filled CAF?

For +2 & +3 general candidate CAF will be Rs. 200/- and ST&SC candidate Rs. 100/- only irrespective of number of option opted in the CAF. For ITI it is Rs. 10/- per Institute.

Can I modify any information in the CAF after submission?

No. Once the CAF is submitted online and payment has been completed, no modifications can be made. However, If you have applied by giving some wrong information, then you can apply another CAF by using a different phone number.

The college has given me an Index number. What is the use of it?

The Index Number is otherwise known as Money Receipt-cum-Index Number (MRIN). Your MRIN is unique and the only gateway to know about your application status till the admissions is completed. You can check your application status & that of others through MRIN only.

How would I know if I am selected? Will I be intimated exclusively?

The merit lists are published on the scheduled date & time. You can check your selection status by logging in to student e-space portal (

You will also be intimated exclusively through SMS & Email (if mobile number & email address is provided in the CAF). You can also download the intimation letter from the website at the link ‘Know Your CAF Status’. No postal intimation shall be sent for any selection.

Suppose I want to know my status for other options apart from the first. How can I know about that?

You will get the complete status of your application by logging in to your own student e-Space portal (

What should I do after getting Intimation?

List of the documents required is given in the Intimation Letter. Arrange all the requisites for admission such as original certificates for verification, CAF print-out copy, passport size photo, admission fees & report to the Principal of the destination college on the scheduled date & time.

I don’t want to take admission in the selected College. What should I do?

Yours could be one of the following three cases only

Case-1: You had applied only one option

You must take admission on the scheduled date & time or else your name will be completely removed from the system for this particular academic session.

Case-2: You had applied multiple options and selected against first option

You are selected for first option denotes that your application status for lower options have automatically been closed and you must take admission on the scheduled date & time or else your name will be completely removed from the system for this particular academic session.

Case-3: You had applied multiple options and selected against a lower option

You are selected against any of the lower options and don’t want to take admission in that College/HSS. In such a case, you need to take admission there. And apply for the slide-up. If in case of vacancy arises in HSS/colleges of higher choice, you will be slided up.

How many selection cycles are conducted?

Admission will be completed in three steps: i.e. First Selection, Second Selection & Spot Admission for the applicants who have applied online. After second selection, the seats will be de-reserved for the spot admission.

I belong to OBC/SEBC category. Am I entitled for getting any reservation or weightage?

There is no reservation for OBC/SEBC applicants.

What is the significance of “Slide-up Request” of the CP? Why should I know about it?

“Slide-up Request” of CP i.e. option for the applicants who get selected against their lower option and want to slide up to higher options in the subsequent selection. If you submit the request Form by selecting ‘Yes’ it means that you wish to move up for your higher preference HSS, if in case of vacancy arises.

I hear that the admissions are on. But I haven’t received any intimation. Why?

No postal intimation to the selected applicants will be sent. If you have given your mobile number and/or email address you would have definitely received sms/email if selected. You can call toll free on 1800-34567-70/155335 during 06:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. to know your selection status and the process for getting the Intimation Letter. You can also download the intimation letter from the website ( by logging in to your own student dashboard.

I have taken admission in my first selection college and now I have been selected against my upper option in the next selection. Will I be returned my admission fees?

Yes, your entire admission fees will be returned to you by the previous college except for Rs. 100/- as processing. The CLC will be issued with Intimation Letter. Principal signature on computer generated CLC is not required.

Though the information provided here is helpful; I still need some assistance. Who should I contact?

You can call toll free on 1800-34567-70 / 155335 (Sanjog Helpline) between 06:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. on all Government working days and get assistance at any juncture from the Call Centre Executives. You can also visit the SRC nearby your area and get the information from the In charge of the SAMS Help desk.