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111-Nov-2022 (11:00 am)Availability of Online Common Application Form (CAF) in the S&ME Department website for Vacant Seat Admission
215-Nov-2022 (11:55 pm)Last date of applying online CAF through
318-Nov-2022 (11:00 am)Publication of merit list including the waiting list (Ten times of the total vacant seat)
418-Nov-2022 (02:00 pm) to 21-Nov-2022 (03:00 pm)Admission of the selected applicants
521-Nov-2022 (03:30 pm) to 22-Nov-2022 (03:30 pm) Registration of the waiting applicants
622-Nov-2022 (05:00 pm)Publication of final list out of the students registered from waiting list at respective Higher Secondary Schools
723-Nov-2022 (11:00 pm) to 24-Nov-2022 (02:00 pm)Admission of the students selected from waiting list
824-Nov-2022 (06:00 pm)Last date for admission data updation of students who took admission in the selection processby Higher Secondary Schools in the e-Space